The ROGERS commitment to quality and durability extends to a complete line of frame-type DUMP TRAILERS, featuring both aluminum and steel construction. These trailers are built to carry the really big loads, year after year. The Model DT (Steel) and Model DTA (Aluminum) are both available in standard sizes, ranging from 22 to 30 feet in length.

  • DOT approved lighting with stop/tail/turn lights in rear posts; required clearance lights, front and rear
  • Mudflaps
  • Air-latch tailgate
  • 20-inch cabshield
  • Two-part acrylic urethane paint
  • Heavy-duty cable or air controls
  • Safety support
  • Six-inch sideboard pockets
  • Additional cabshield sizes
  • Sideboards (wood, steel or aluminum)
  • Sloping tailgates
  • Hydraulic Hi-Lift Tailgate with cylinders inside rear posts to provide protection
  • Coal door in tailgate
  • Tarp assemblies with steel or aluminum arms
  • 15-ton thru 45-ton pintle hitches
  • Special lighting and paint options
  • Bright aluminum diamond plate over sideboards and rubrails
  • Bright aluminum panels between side posts
  • Insulated sides and front
  • Asphalt lips
  • Push bumpers
  • 3/8-inch, 80 KSI steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • AR steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • Heavy-duty cross-members
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