The ROGERS STEALTH is a structured, unitized dump body built of 3/16” AR plate sides, front, and tailgate. The floor is 1/4” AR steel with no cross members. The absence of side posts allows the side panels to flex when absorbing heavy loads then resume its original form. The smooth sides and bottom make cleaning much faster and easier. Additionally, the large unobstructed side surface allows for good advertising opportunities. Standard features include 16 foot body length, 50-inch sides and 56-inch straight or sloping tailgate, electric tarp assembly, 8-inch push-bumper, and air-latch tailgate with spreader chains. The tailgate hinges are ROGERS standard pins and bushings with grease fittings.

“ROGERS – Another Word for Quality” has been our slogan as a trusted body manufacturer since 1946. Coast to coast, each ROGERS body is custom designed to match our customer’s specific use. Collaborate with our sales team to design and build the exact body that best suits your truck’s needs.

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Length (ft.) 16 17 18 19 20
Model Number 160M 170M 180M 190M 200M
Truck CA/CT* (in.) 133-138 132-156 156-166 166-176 call
Side Height (in.) 56 56 56 56 56
Tailgate Height (in.) 62 62 62 62 62
Cubic Capacity (cu yds) 21.0 22.3 23.7 25.0 26.4
  • DOT approved lighting with stop/tail/turn lights in rear posts; required clearance lights, front and rear
  • Mudflaps
  • Air-latch tailgate
  • 20-inch cabshield
  • Two-part acrylic urethane paint
  • Heavy-duty cable or air controls
  • Safety support
  • Six-inch sideboard pockets
  • Additional cabshield sizes
  • Sideboards (wood, steel or aluminum)
  • Sloping tailgates
  • Hydraulic Hi-Lift Tailgate with cylinders inside rear posts to provide protection
  • Coal door in tailgate
  • Tarp assemblies with steel or aluminum arms
  • 15-ton thru 45-ton pintle hitches
  • Special lighting and paint options
  • Bright aluminum diamond plate over sideboards and rubrails
  • Bright aluminum panels between side posts
  • Insulated sides and front
  • Asphalt lips
  • Push bumpers
  • 3/8-inch, 80 KSI steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • AR steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • Heavy-duty cross-members
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