Since the start of time, the evolution of the dumptruck has been spurred by one constant – time is money. State laws and restrictions are big factors here. A lighter dump body allows for more payload. The ROGERS ALUMINUM SERIES dump body is a lighter-weight solution for all standard hauling. Aluminum also provides a corrosion resistant bed material that is ideal for snow and ice removal applications. Rogers Manufacturing has built the standard on aluminum dump bodies.

The AB Series consists of aircraft-grade alloy material. Boxed style cross-members are placed on approximate 12-inch centers. Extra heavy-duty cross-members are used in both front and rear sections of the body floor structure. Heavy-duty extrusions are used for the longitudinal members. Various styles of tailgates are available, including straight, sloping, coal chutes, and hydraulic hi-lift. Various cabshield and asphalt lip sizes are available, as is an optional electric tarp assembly with rubrail springs. See below for capacity and dimension detail:

Rodgers Body Series > AB Series – Aluminum

Length (ft.) 16 17 18 19 20
Model Number 160AB 170AB 180AB 190AB 200AB
Truck CA/CT* (in.) 120-144 132-156 156-166 166-176
Side Height (in.) 48 48 48 48 48
Tailgate Height (in.) 54 54 54 54 54
Cubic Capacity (cu yds) 16.4 17.5 18.6 19.7 20.8
Approximate Weight (lbs) 3565 3695 3795 3895 4015
  • Sides – 5/32
  • Tailgate – 1/4″ plate
  • Floor – 1/4″ for front and 3/8″ on rear
  • DOT approved lighting with stop/tail/turn lights in rear posts; required clearance lights, front and rear
  • Mudflaps
  • Flat walk rod
  • Air-latch tailgate
  • 20-inch cabshield
  • Back up alarm
  • Heavy-duty cable or air controls
  • Safety support
  • Six-inch sideboard pockets
  • Additional cabshield sizes
  • Sideboards (wood, steel or aluminum)
  • Sloping tailgates
  • Hydraulic Hi-Lift Tailgate (TAB)
  • Coal door in tailgate
  • Electric tarp assembly
  • 15-ton thru 45-ton pintle hitches
  • Special lighting and paint options
  • Bright aluminum diamond plate over sideboards and rubrails
  • Insulated sides and front
  • Asphalt lips
  • Push bumpers
  • 3/8-inch, 80 KSI steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • AR steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • Heavy-duty cross-members
  • Two part acrylic urethane paint


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