The ROGERS ALUMINUM SERIES dump body is a lighter-weight solution for all standard hauling. All structural members consist of aircraft-grade alloy material. Sides are 5/32-inch thick, floor and tailgate are 1/4-inch plate. 3/8-inch aluminum plate is used on the rear 79-inch of floor, delivering excellent wear characteristics. Boxed style cross-members are placed on approximate 12-inch centers. Extra heavy-duty cross-members are used in both front and rear sections of the body floor structure. Heavy-duty 6 x 3-inch extrusions are used for the longitudinal members. Various styles of tailgates are available, including straight, sloping, coal chutes, and hydraulic hi-lift. Cylinders inside the rear posts provide protection. Various cabshield and asphalt lip sizes are available, as is an optional electric tarp assembly with rubrail springs.

  • DOT approved lighting with stop/tail/turn lights in rear posts; required clearance lights, front and rear
  • Mudflaps
  • Air-latch tailgate
  • 20-inch cabshield
  • Two-part acrylic urethane paint
  • Heavy-duty cable or air controls
  • Safety support
  • Six-inch sideboard pockets
  • Additional cabshield sizes
  • Sideboards (wood, steel or aluminum)
  • Sloping tailgates
  • Hydraulic Hi-Lift Tailgate with cylinders inside rear posts to provide protection
  • Coal door in tailgate
  • Tarp assemblies with steel or aluminum arms
  • 15-ton thru 45-ton pintle hitches
  • Special lighting and paint options
  • Bright aluminum diamond plate over sideboards and rubrails
  • Bright aluminum panels between side posts
  • Insulated sides and front
  • Asphalt lips
  • Push bumpers
  • 3/8-inch, 80 KSI steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • AR steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • Heavy-duty cross-members
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