Dump Flatbed


ROGERS manufacturing flatbed delivers strength and durability to meet the needs of all types of flatbed trailer applications.  The floor is constructed with 10 gauge high tensile steel on top pf 7” structural steel longitudinals.  The cross members are 4” structural steel extending the full 96” width of the floor.  Stake pockets come on side front and rear with ICC lights and reflectors with rear corners lights recessed.  The final installation includes rear rubber mud flaps and painted in traditional ROGERS black.

Hoist configuration offers a 10 ton, trunnion design, pull-pull out cable equipped, needle bearing steel pump, and cab levers or cable control.  Optional is a low mount dumping hoist for flat bodies.  Hoist is supplied complete with dual 4” cylinders, two stage, and 45 degree dump angle.  Additionally, this option comes with gear pump and control valve combination and all necessary piping for and efficient operation unit.  The hoist adds approximately 1000 pounds to the body weight.  This body is Ideally suited for builders and contractors to haul light materials, tools and supplies.

Additionally, we can install material handler/forklift mounting stations to the rear of your flatbed.  Click here to learn more (see “Material Handler Mounting”)

  • DOT approved lighting with stop/tail/turn lights in rear posts; required clearance lights, front and rear
  • Mudflaps
  • Air-latch tailgate
  • 20-inch cabshield
  • Two-part acrylic urethane paint
  • Heavy-duty cable or air controls
  • Safety support
  • Six-inch sideboard pockets
  • Additional cabshield sizes
  • Sideboards (wood, steel or aluminum)
  • Sloping tailgates
  • Hydraulic Hi-Lift Tailgate with cylinders inside rear posts to provide protection
  • Coal door in tailgate
  • Tarp assemblies with steel or aluminum arms
  • 15-ton thru 45-ton pintle hitches
  • Special lighting and paint options
  • Bright aluminum diamond plate over sideboards and rubrails
  • Bright aluminum panels between side posts
  • Insulated sides and front
  • Asphalt lips
  • Push bumpers
  • 3/8-inch, 80 KSI steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • AR steel floor, sides and tailgate
  • Heavy-duty cross-members
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